Friday, April 17, 2009

Another chapter in the story.....

Well, were half way through April and I honestly cannot believe it. When I started to write this update, I wrote March…. Days are flying by.
We have been spending a lot of time at the camp lately. Construction is coming along, but things are running on Brasilian time. The building that the boys are working on is really looking great. We are in the midst of building a suite, renovating a games room (which was us girls room) staring another suite and making plans for a barn. Last weekend was Easter so us girls spent a day making PASKA! It was great, not the same as moms or Grandma’s, but considering I didn’t burn the house down, it was great. (It actually turned out really good, the boys were impressed!) For Easter, we went to our church on Friday for a Good Friday service. It was great, we sat around and ate some food, fellowshipped and washed each others feet. Washing feet is always a humbling moment for me. I am realizing I love to serve. Getting down on my knees and washing the feet of a brother or sister in Christ is a moment I cherish. I love watching their face, through this simple act your not telling a person you love, appreciate and value them, but your showing true love to them. It really gets me every time.
On Saturday, we helped out at another church in the area for the day. They were showing the Passion of the Christ that night, so we helped hand out some fliers and talk to some people. The evening turned out amazing. Lots of people and kids came and really enjoyed it. (The kids watched a veggie Tales film) Many adults were truly moved and you could tell there were things that touch specific places in their hearts.
Sunday, we went to church. It was a great service filled with lots of worship and fellowship. That evening we had another missionary family over and we shared a lamb dinner together. I even made mint sauce!
The weekend was great. Easter is such an important time to me. It’s a time to reflect and show the Lord how grateful I am for all he did for me and will do for me.

This week we have been working around the house. This weekend us girls are going shopping with some of our Brasilian friends, while the boys are going hiking to the beach. Were all looking forward to it. One of our dogs is expecting puppies this weekend also. I am SO excited. If I am around, I am going to help deliver them! My missionary hosts are telling me I am a true farm girl even thought I was not raised on one. Its fun riding horses or holding down dogs as they squeeze out maggots from them or pulling out porcupine needles. It’s a hard life, but one I am so happy to experience.

Some prayer items are:
-We only have 1 ½ months left. I don’t want to get to anxious, so please pray that I finish strong for God.
-Our care taker Sebastian fell out of a tree and hurt his back badly. Please pray for a fast recovery and that the Lord would shine through this as he is not a Christian.
- Sickness is going around the family; please pray for fast recoveries and for strength.

Well, I say it every time but I am so grateful for all the love, support, and prayers. I miss home, but I am so grateful for this amazing life changing experience.

With much love

Brasil interesting facts:

-It general takes 3 minimum wages to provide a liveable income.
-The schools system in Brasil is run very differently. Young kids go to school in the morning, intermediate go in the afternoons, and highschoolers go in the evening at 7pm. They use all the same building.
- You can tell the class of a Brasilian by the shoes their wearing.
- The top voted ``most beautiful woman in Basil`` was once a man.
- March is Woman Month in Brasil
- Just like in Canada, in Brasil you never ask a woman her age, but here you also never ask a woman her real hair colour. All woman dye their hair till their about 60 or even longer. Women are afraid their husband will leave them otherwise.
-Brasillians are VERY superstitious
- Children call you “Tia” or “Tiao”. Meaning “Aunt” and “Uncle”, Its out of respect.
-From the city to the camp it takes about 45 min. In that 45 min, there are 3 speed bumps every 2 km. This is how they slow you down, and also get you car sick at the same time!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back with a Tan!

Hello one again family, friends, and loved ones

As I write, I am in a beach house that is about one block from the beautiful Brasilian beach. Our leader from Canada, Luke is here with us for one week. We decided to take him to the beach. We are currently having sessions in the morning and at night. We`re learning about our Spiritual Gifts. I have been looking forward for some time now to learn and get a better grasp on what my gifts are.
It has been so nice to just get away for a few days, and be together as a team. We`re having tons of fun in the 5 to 6 feet waves. It’s really relaxing, exactly what so needed.

When we return home, were going to have a horse whisper for two days to work with one of the horses we have. I am really excited for this as I have been working with the horses for the past month and I really enjoy it.

I love Gods teachings. Sometimes, they are incredibly hard, but I even if I have gone through a struggle, God has always shone thought them.
I was reading through John 21:1-19 the other day. Its always amazed me how God can teach you so much about your life and what he has planned for you through scripture. Many times I lover look the power of scripture and the importance of it.

Anyways, the internet is off and on. Its never steady here.

Thanks for all the prayer and love.

I miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon. Only 2 more months!

Much love Corryn