Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Brasillian Christmas

Well, my first Christmas away from home... and only a few tear were shed! Im still in awe of the wonders God can do. I never thought he could send a totaly emotionally unstable girl, half way around the world from all she knows, and only have he shed a few tear on one of the most inportant days without her family. GOD IS GOOD!

We went out to the camp on December 23. We spent ALL christmas eve in the kitchen. I finally know whats its like to be a housewife! We made over 500 cookies for the 38 poeple we hosted for Christams. We woke up on Christmas morning (Not under the christmas tree, but it was ok) had breakfast, then read the Charistmas story. Since I have grown up in a Christian home, I have heard the story many times. But I asked God this year, to reveal soemthing from the Christams story that I have never really thought about or realized. To me, chritmas was all about spending time with family (other then the birth of our saviour). Something I look forward to every year. But this year God took me away from all that. He took me away from all I knew and loved. God wanted to strip me clean of the sterotype I had put on Christmas. Christmas is not about being jolly with our family on Christams, Christmas is the birth of our redeemer. The man who hung on that cross, so that I would be able to live. Christams is God sending his ONLY son, from a beautiful perfect place, to an ugly, unclean place where sin blazes. I need to see this, and God knew that. I don't know if I can ever go through another Christmas without feeling the true understanding God wanted me to see. Praise be to God.

So, Christmas was great if you were wondering! On boxing day, we had a great relaxing time. Just swinging in the hammics, and loving Gods creation.
Yesterday, I had to get out of the kitchen, so I out on my gum boots, wrangler jeans, mens gloves, and my john deere hat and headed down to the swamp with the men. I shoveled dirst, hulled logs, sank in some mud, and even hucked a loogie once or twice!! It was a great day, it was nice to work in the rainforest and really help out. I spotted a trantula, but held my girlish scream! The boys said they were inpressed and proud of me... Im know my dad would have been too!

Well, we leave for our mission trip on Friday for a month. We will probably not have internet access for that month, so I will update you when I get back.

Please keep me in your paryer as I throw my seld into the Brasillian culture with 70 other Brasillian!

Thank you for you love, support and prayers. I appreciate them so very much!

Much Much love

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, I have to make this one short as we have portuguese lessons this morning, then were off to the camp to get ready for the 30 people we will be having over for Christmas.
It will be fun to be around all these people, and share Christmas with them.
When I return from camp, I will tell you all about Christmas in Brasil.

Thank you for all the love, prayers and support.

I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas.

Much much love

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Learning the ways!

I can’t believe that a week has already gone by since arriving in Brasil. And boy has it been eventful! So much has happened in such a short amount of time. It feels like I have been here for weeks already and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.
Life in Brasil is much different then Canada, but it seems like culture shock has not really even set in yet or even really started.
We have been spending time at both the camp and the house in the city. The camp is about 45 min away from the house. We go back and forth quite a bit.
The camp is not set up yet. Were going to be helping out by doing some construction, bush waking and such. On our first day at the camp I saw a rattle snake (the first the missionaries have seen in all their 10 years in Brasil) the second day consisted of de ticking the dog, not going to lie, that was a bit nasty. We have had many adventures there and will have MANY more.
The city is great, a lot hotter then the camp though. We went into downtown Sao Paulo on Monday. The public transit was… well you could call it cattle packed! But, the city is beautiful. We went into one cathedral and it was breath taking. We will be doing more sight seeing in the future.
Christmas is coming up soon, were going to be cutting down a tree for the camp house, and have a fake tree for the city. Were going to decorate the city one tonight, listen to Christmas much, bake cookies and watch movies. Christmas will be bitter sweet, but it is exciting to see Christmas celebrated in another part of the world.
We have started Portuguese lessons. It’s a hard language to lean, believe it or not it the 5th hardest language because it’s the closest to the original Latin. Every time the phone rings, I say a prayer and hope that when I pick it up the fist words I hear are “Hello, how are you...” instead of “Oi …” Its so confusing and difficult, but all fun at the same time.
Were going to be going on a mission’s trip to south Brasil for the month of January. We will be going with other youth in Brasil, about 70 others. I’m really looking forward to meeting new people, and diving into the Brazilian culture.

As I learn all about Brasil, I thought that I would let you know of some interesting facts about Brasil!

-After midnight, cars do not stop at red lights; it’s not illegal to go through them. You just say a little prayer and go on your way.
- Youth group is for marriage. You go to find a spouse.
- Motorcyclists make their own lane... Wherever there is room in the road. One got less then an inch to us.

I will send more as time goes along!

Here is my address in Brasil

Estrada Muinicipal do Mambu, 573
Cipo Embu Guacu, SP

Much love

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I made it to Brasil!

Well, we made it to Brasil!  The plane ride was a long one.  
I said goodbye to my family this weekend.  It was such a bittersweet time for me.  The things that my family did for me was amazing.  I had a Christmas dinner, slept under the Christmas Tree, and has a very emotional prayer time with them.  Through this all, I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and a amazingly supportive family.  I love you all.  
Saying goodbye in the airport was hard, but it had to be done.  Many tears were shed, but God gave me such a comfort that I knew it was all going to be ok.  Even on the plane, I was so comforted by Gods presence.  
Our 7 hour layover in Texas went by pretty fast actually.  Then the long flight began, 10 hours to Sau Paulo.  I slep a bit, watched some movies and read.  When we arrived in Brasil it was not hot, infact it was a bit nippy!  There are lots of clouds here right now, but everyone is saying that it will NOT stay this way for long.  Our misssionary family is amazing.  There so kind and welcoming.  Were going to see a play on Friday, the son of the family is in it.  Im really looking forward to that. 
There are a lot of big tall buildings here, then you get the slums... its hearbreaking.  I cant believe how some people are living.  It hurts.

Anyways, well I will update a bit later.  I dont have much time now.  Were 6 hours ahead of you, so its about 4:30.  The house is great thought, I love it!  Were going to the camp tomorrow and checking it out, they have horses!

Thanks SO much for all the prayers, it means so much to have so much support!

Much love