Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Brasillian Christmas

Well, my first Christmas away from home... and only a few tear were shed! Im still in awe of the wonders God can do. I never thought he could send a totaly emotionally unstable girl, half way around the world from all she knows, and only have he shed a few tear on one of the most inportant days without her family. GOD IS GOOD!

We went out to the camp on December 23. We spent ALL christmas eve in the kitchen. I finally know whats its like to be a housewife! We made over 500 cookies for the 38 poeple we hosted for Christams. We woke up on Christmas morning (Not under the christmas tree, but it was ok) had breakfast, then read the Charistmas story. Since I have grown up in a Christian home, I have heard the story many times. But I asked God this year, to reveal soemthing from the Christams story that I have never really thought about or realized. To me, chritmas was all about spending time with family (other then the birth of our saviour). Something I look forward to every year. But this year God took me away from all that. He took me away from all I knew and loved. God wanted to strip me clean of the sterotype I had put on Christmas. Christmas is not about being jolly with our family on Christams, Christmas is the birth of our redeemer. The man who hung on that cross, so that I would be able to live. Christams is God sending his ONLY son, from a beautiful perfect place, to an ugly, unclean place where sin blazes. I need to see this, and God knew that. I don't know if I can ever go through another Christmas without feeling the true understanding God wanted me to see. Praise be to God.

So, Christmas was great if you were wondering! On boxing day, we had a great relaxing time. Just swinging in the hammics, and loving Gods creation.
Yesterday, I had to get out of the kitchen, so I out on my gum boots, wrangler jeans, mens gloves, and my john deere hat and headed down to the swamp with the men. I shoveled dirst, hulled logs, sank in some mud, and even hucked a loogie once or twice!! It was a great day, it was nice to work in the rainforest and really help out. I spotted a trantula, but held my girlish scream! The boys said they were inpressed and proud of me... Im know my dad would have been too!

Well, we leave for our mission trip on Friday for a month. We will probably not have internet access for that month, so I will update you when I get back.

Please keep me in your paryer as I throw my seld into the Brasillian culture with 70 other Brasillian!

Thank you for you love, support and prayers. I appreciate them so very much!

Much Much love


Wendy Senft said...

Corryn!! It's so good to hear that you had a great Christmas, without the usual routine and family surrounding you. I probably shed more tears than you this Christmas as it looked for a little while like we would be stranded in North Van. However, your Dad and Dean along with Adam & Uncle Dave and their 4x4s came to the rescue! Our family is such a blessing aren't they?

God has given you peace about missing this Christmas at home but is doing a good work in you and is going to keep using you while you are away. You are no doubt blessing those around you as well as feeling blessed yourself.

Have a fantastic time with the Brasilians. I hope the Portugese is coming a bit easier for you. No doubt a month with them will help.

We love you and miss you. Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you at Christmas but I will keep in touch for sure.

Big hugs and lots of love,
Auntie Wendy

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you actually today!
Next Christmas is going to be different than the one you had this year, I can't wait!
Jenna was reading your blog with Auntie Wendy, saying "mommy, Corryn isn't a very good speller." She explained you were just typing fast.
Love you lots, miss you more.

Anonymous said...

HI Corryn,
It was so exciting to talk to you on Christmas Day. Sounds like you are so busy and learning and experiencing so much. Crhistmas must have been fun for you even though it was very different. We did miss you and Kristen, thinking about both of you and actually taking niece and nephew photos with Adam and Nicholas holding up pictures of you and Kristen. We prayed for you and shed a few tears too, even grandma.

How good of you to get out of the kitchen and help the guys. Must have been hard work though.

We'll pray for you as you travel on a bus for 30 hours to meet up with the group of Brasillians. I'm sure you'll have an awesome time getting to know some other young people. Have fun!! Have a Happy New Year!

Lots of love,
Auntie Carol

Shannon Job said...

Hey Sweetie,

Glad to hear from you. Glad to read you're still listening for God's will in your life. From your comments guess all those years at the farm prepared you for life in gum boots. Colin loved reading about the "different" traffic rules. The youth group thing - not so different from home! Enjoy your month and if at all possible get to an internet cafe and update.

Love Uncle Dean and Shannon

PS What spelling errors?

Anonymous said...

Hey Friend!
Finally found some time to sit and read your blog. It is so cool how God is working through you and transforming you into the woman He wants you to be... loogie's and all! I'm very proud of you Corryn- keep up the great work and applying those Truths God is teaching you daily.
Love Jer