Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brasil Here We Come!

Hello All!

Well we just got news today and our visa's were accepted! We leave for Brasil on Tuesday Dec.2! Your probably wondering how I felt when I received the great new. I had a lot of mixed feelings. I was so happy just to for sure know that we were going. It kinda hit me that it is actually real now. Like were actually going now. Before this, Brasil seemed so far away, kinda like it was never going to happen.
There are certain times when the thought of Brasil scares me, but that's life and you have to face that fear. I don't and won't live my life in fear. I'm going to stand up to it with Jesus. He has gotten me through hard times, and I know he will during these next 6 months too.

Were still in Vancouver, and will be for another week and a half. This week has gone by so quickly. Were working with the youth, and have gone through a lot alongside them. I never knew that there were children living in the conditions that they like 10 min away from my home. People do not need to travel half way around the world to serve. It can be done in your own town. Children are so beautiful here and I don't think they know it or hear it. I have been challenged in so many areas here. Questions I never thought that I would answer. God has given me strength to talk to these kids, and love them.

I really took me awhile to warm up to these kids and it took them even longer for them to warm up to me. I was know as the "Mean" Trekker. The kids hated me for a bit. I show a "Stern Love" these kids don't get a lot of discipline, so I took that job on. As the kids got to know me, they realized that I really do love them, and just want the best for them.

At there youth group on Friday night, I was asked to share my testimony (People found out about me being in Top Teen of Canada and my speech, decided that it would be best for me to speak first....!) It went well, but I was a bit discouraged at first. The kids listened, but did not really respond. It's hard to talk to a bunch of kids that don't really want to be there.

God has really been really teaching me lately that no person is impossible. So many times I look at peoples live (I know judgemental eh) and be like "oh this person could never change and accept Christ" But God has so much grace, and no person is impossible for God. I was reading through Acts, and I read the story about Saul.... WOW. God is so good. He turned a man who was killing Christian, into a man so filled with Jesus he could not hold it in. This just shows you never to give up on people... or God.

Please pray that as I lead up to Dec 2, the day we leave, that God will continue to give me a a passion and a fire for Brasil. And that change will be easy!! Also that our team will continue to come together, and have patience with one another. I really do love them!

Thank you again for all you prayers and love... I feel them!

Much love

Monday, November 10, 2008

I never thought I would live in an attic!

Well, a lot has happened from when I last updated you all.

Our visas are still unknown to this day. We have not heard anything about them, but we did receive a call from the embassy. A member of MBMSI called then back but got no answer. So please keep our visas in your prayers. We would love to get to Brazil on December 2!

As for the Attic, right at this very moment I am sitting on my bed in an attic. Its great. Were living in Vancouver for 2 weeks and working with New Beginnings baptist church. Were living in the church, and working with the youth. They don't really have an organized youth, so that is our task for these 2 weeks. Were working along side the youth pastor and his wife. He actually was a missionary in Brazil for 5 years, and his wife is Brazilian. They started a camp ministry in Brazil, how cool is that. I can see God's hand in so many areas in my life right now, its actually amazing to see.

Our team has gone thought a lot these past few week, but were so excited to see what God going to do these next few weeks with us.

One thing that God has really been challenging me these past few weeks is putting him first in my life and all I do. I know I was not doing this in my life. In a church service, I was really challenged with this. We were asked "Do I love Jesus more then everything, and am I willing to give up everything to him." These words shot at my like a bullet. I realized that I was putting my family, my needs and comforts before Jesus. This is not right, and Jesus really taught me this. The pastor said "That Jesus requires us to surrender everything; nothing less then total surrender."
Our task is big, but Jesus is bigger. I know that this is something that I will need to give up to him everyday, but God deserves all of me.

It excites me so much to know and see God working in our team. It brings a smile to my face :)

Please pray that I may be able to adapt to change quickly. This seems to be hard for me. Also for our team and what God has planned for us these next 2 weeks.

Thanks for all the love prayers and support

With much love
Corina - my Portuguese name!
P.s The picture is of my team at my moms work - Shannon Oaks. We we suspost to be cleaning the closet, but we had more fun dressing up!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Representing Abbotsford!

Well, yes were still in Abbotsford! But its OK, because this is where God wants us right now.

We said goodbye to Thailand, Germany, and India... boy oh boy that was hard. I never thought that I would get so close to so many people in only 2 month. I miss all my TREK family. They all arrived in their countries and are doing great. We skyped Thailand and they had said that that morning they had got massages and were heading to the beach! Wow, if that's the life of a missionary, count me in! I'm just kidding, they were just having a relaxing first day.

As for team Brazil, our assignment for this month is still unknown. Were currently living the life at one of my teammates house. Its beautiful! Were filling up our days with great service things. Today we went to the gleaners in Abbotsford, it was great. Its a place that cuts veggies and fruit, then dries it then send it to 3rd world countries as soup. Its really neat. Then on Thursday we have then honour of going to Shannon Oaks for the day. I'm so excited to show my team it. I really think that they will love the old people, and that they will love us too!

So, please pray that our visas will come in. Were really hoping to leave Dec. 2... well if that is Gods timing for us I guess!

Well, I will keep you updated with what will be happening with us.
Thanks again for all your prayers and support!